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Commercial Radon Mitigation

Ensure the Safety of Your Commercial Building With Radon Testing & Mitigation

Although you can’t see or smell radon, it’s a dangerous natural gas that can accumulate in properties such as commercial buildings. While some detectable radon is natural and expected, high levels of radon can cause serious problems.

Radon is the leading environmental cause of cancer and the second leading cause of lung cancer. People exposed to the gas, such as tenants, employees, contractors, and clients, are at risk if your building has high radon levels.

Whether you need radon mitigation solutions or have an existing radon mitigation system you’d like evaluated or need to have your building tested for radon, Affordable Environmental Services can help.

Our experienced radon professionals conduct radon testing to determine if there are high radon levels in your building and provide mitigation system installation to ensure the safety of your commercial property.

Custom Radon Mitigation Systems and Testing

Although radon mitigation systems for commercial and residential properties can have similar components, commercial properties often have unique challenges that require sophisticated radon mitigation systems.

For example, radon mitigation for commercial buildings may be necessary because they have more radon entry points than residential properties or require a custom design to ensure radon is effectively ventilated without disrupting operations or an existing layout.

Affordable Environmental Services has the experience, equipment, and expertise commercial building owners need to properly mitigate radon. So whether you need a traditional system or a custom design to meet your needs, our team is here to help.

Our Process for Commercial Radon Mitigation

If testing confirms high radon levels in your commercial building, we will work with you to design the best mitigation system for your property.

Since radon is released from rocks, soil, and water—all of which can lie below the foundation of your building and be released into the air, creating an indoor hazard—the best way to mitigate radon is often through core drilling and vapor mitigation systems.

Once we locate the entry points or sources of radon, which are commonly found in the foundation, we use core drilling to create holes in the subfloor. After carefully removing dirt and debris to create more surface area and installing a fan, we connect the holes to pipes, which we will then connect to the outside to properly vent radon. When building materials such as concrete and granite are causing elevated radon levels we will design a fresh air ventilation system to mitigate the high radon levels.

Affordable Environmental Services also provides vapor intrusion mitigation for commercial properties. There are numerous methods for vapor mitigation, including passive and active systems.

  • Active mitigation systems are designed to remove existing radon from entry points by changing the pressure between the subfloor and the building interior.
  • Passive mitigation systems help prevent radon from coming into the building in the first place. Your building may have had one installed during its construction.

Our team will review your options with you depending on your test results, existing radon mitigation systems, and radon entry points.

Properties We Work With for Radon Testing and Mitigation

Since 2006, Affordable Environmental Services has worked with all types of commercial properties in and around Charlotte to provide radon mitigation services. From businesses to multi-family buildings, we work with:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Condominiums
  • Daycare centers
  • Educational facilities
  • Government buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Restaurants

So whether you have a small apartment complex or a large warehouse, no job is too big or too small for our experienced team.

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Don’t leave the safety of your commercial property to chance. Contact Affordable Environmental Services to have your building tested or your existing radon mitigation system evaluated by our professionals. Call us at (980) 322-3029 or reach us online using our contact form, and we will be in touch with you soon.

What is the Best Method to Test for Radon?

Short-term radon tests can be deployed between two and 90 days depending on the type of device used.

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