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Residential Radon Mitigation Systems

Keep your family safe from radon gas by consulting our residential radon mitigation professionals.

No home is entirely safe from radon. Although radon is a natural gas that exists just about everywhere, when it is released from rock and soil into your home, it can build up indoors and cause toxic levels.

Radon is the leading environmental cause of cancer and causes more deaths than home fires or carbon monoxide. While you can’t see or smell radon, it can be present in your home. All types of buildings are at risk for high radon levels.

Affordable Environmental Services has helped families in and around Charlotte reliably test for high radon levels and install effective mitigation systems since 2006. Radon mitigation systems are one of the most inexpensive improvements you can make to a home and may save your life.

Our Process for Radon Testing & Mitigation

Affordable Environmental Services has straightforward radon testing and mitigation processes to make these steps as simple and affordable as possible.

Radon Testing

If you have tested your home for radon with a kit you bought at the store or online and are concerned about the results, contact Affordable Environmental Services. We can confirm if the level is indeed high and review your mitigation options with you.

We also test homes that have not been previously tested for radon. Remember that a professional test is always more accurate and reliable than store-bought kits.

Radon Mitigation

One of the simplest ways to lower radon levels in a home is with a radon mitigation system. We offer systems for basements, crawl spaces, and slab homes.

Crawl space encapsulation involves lining your home’s crawl space with a vapor barrier. This vapor barrier along with a sub-membrane depressurization system prevents moisture and radon gas from entering your crawl space and contaminating indoor air.

If the crawl space at your residence is a dirt floor, radon can easily get in. In such cases, you don’t necessarily need a ventilation system to reduce radon. Instead, you can simply line the walls and floor of the crawl space with a vapor barrier.

Crawl space encapsulation can help lower radon levels and even prevent mold and moisture damage to your home and its foundation.

Once the job is complete, we retest your home’s radon levels to determine if the job was successful and how much the radon levels were reduced.

How Much Will a Mitigation System Reduce Radon Levels?

Every home is different, but a radon mitigation system that has been successfully installed by experienced professionals can reduce your radon levels below EPA action levels.

Do Radon Mitigation Systems Really Work?

Yes, radon mitigation systems are effective at reducing radon levels up to 99 percent, and at approximately the same cost as other common home repairs.

What are the Symptoms of Radon in Your Home?

The symptoms of radon exposure include long-term symptoms like a nagging cough, shortness of breath, or ongoing chest pains. These symptoms could ultimately manifest in lung cancer down the road.

Why Hire Affordable Environmental Services?

If you believe your home has high radon levels, you may be wondering if you can install a radon mitigation system or vapor barrier and encapsulate the crawl space yourself.

Working with a professional radon mitigation company such as Affordable Environmental Services is your best option when dealing with a dangerous gas such as radon for a few reasons.

First, there are many types of radon mitigation systems for all types of homes it’s possible that the obvious solution may not be the best one for your home.

Second, our professionals have all the equipment and the high-quality materials needed to successfully mitigate your home or encapsulate your crawl space. You won’t have to rent tools, determine the best material, or try to complete the job on your own.

Improperly installing a radon mitigation system or vapor barrier can even increase radon levels and cause additional money to fix. A professional installation ensures there are no gaps or cracks where air and moisture can still leak into the space and compromise the safety of your home.

Affordable Environmental Services has been delivering guaranteed radon mitigation systems and crawl space encapsulation to homeowners since 2006. Our experienced team can complete your job quickly and efficiently.

Schedule a Radon Test or Consultation Today

Don’t wait to find out if your home is safe from radon. Contact Affordable Environmental Services to schedule a radon test or discuss radon mitigation services with our professionals. Call us at (980) 322-3029 or submit our contact form online, and we will contact you shortly.

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