We Take Radon Removal Seriously

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Since 2006, Affordable Environmental Services has provided radon removal solutions for homeowners and business owners across Charlotte & Huntersville, NC. Our radon mitigation systems are long-lasting, affordable and effective. Your system will blend into whatever room it's in, so you won't have to worry about a bulky, gaudy machine ruining your property's appearance.

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Learn about our radon mitigation systems

Not sure how radon mitigation works? We'd be happy to explain the process. Here are the types of radon mitigation systems we install and what they do:

  • Sub-slab depressurization systems- These systems pull radon gas out from beneath foundation slabs and vent it out of the building.
  • Sub-slab ventilation systems- These systems use large fans to exchange fresh air from the outdoors with the radon-filled air inside a building.
  • Sub-membrane depressurization systems- These systems use a sealed membrane that's connected to a vent to keep radon from rising into buildings.

Do you have questions about our radon mitigation systems? Contact Affordable Environmental Services today to get answers from one of our experts.